Monday, November 29, 2010

Winter 2010 Beauty Trends! Bring on the Va Va Voom!

Though personally I love summer makeup trends far more than winter makeup, this winter I am actually quite loving the dark vixen looks! 

Trend 1: Matte Skin
- Skin tends to dry out as winter approaches since there are fewer sun rays to bring out the natural oil in your epidermis. Thankfully, for once, what occurs naturally is considered fashionable! This means...stay away from dewy foundations, and do not mix in luminizer with your moisturizer or foundation. Stick to a more matte formula, and you will notice that your skin will look pore-less and perfect!

Trend 2: Dark Brown and Black Eyeshadows, Especially on the Lower Lash Line
- In my opinion, nothing looks sexier than a smoldering brown/black smokey eye blended to perfection. Lucky for you, if you stick to dark colors, you do not have to be a whiz at blending to look put together! The less gradation in your eyeshadow colors, the less chance for mistakes and for your eyes to look messy. Expert tip: Use a dark sparkly brown eyeshadow on your lower lash line and smudge in some black eyeliner. Blend outward, keep it a little messy and you are good to go!

Trend 3: A Bright Tear Duct Area
- The innermost corner of your eye where both lids meet is called the tear duct, and through brightening of this area, you can achieve bigger, whiter, more awake looking eyes! Use a shimmery gold, silver, or even a white to pop onto the tear duct area, and you will see the huge difference it makes to your face. Use this trick no matter what color eye shadows you use, or use alone for a less dramatic effect!

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