Saturday, March 31, 2012

OOTD: Springtime Fashions

As you all know, I have been majorly into colored jeggings this season. Color in general is what makes up this season, so I have been embracing that whole heartedly. Below is my version of a colorful outfit that has some pizazz =)

One way to show some skin is to wear a revealing top and covered bottom. I always stick to that rule.

Two bright colors paired together with a neutral shoe. For some color blocking, pair a yellow pump with the outfit to complete the look!

Tube tops are always in fashion during the summer. Accessorize with a cute belt to make the top look more dressy.

For a more casual look, feel free to trade out the pumps for some flip flops!

I mixed black and brown again for this look- a cute wrap watch with a braided brown belt

Close up view of my accessories. Also, note that a burned orange always livens up darker skin tones!

 The sunlight washed away some of the true color of my pants. Here is what they really look like.

Top: Charlotte Russe $25
Jeggings: Hollister $68
Shoes: Aldo $65
Necklace: F21 $15
Belt: TopShop $30
Watch: La Mer $90

Friday, March 30, 2012

Madly Blush Picture

Hey guys,
here are the pics I promised. One is one someone other than me, and the other is of me.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Product of the Week: MAC Pro Longwear Foundation

Here it is- I admit I am guilty of loving a MAC foundation (something I said I would NEVER do)! I picked up this jewel when it first came out 1 1/2 years ago, and did not think I was going to love it, much rather like it. I bought it on the whim that it would photograph well as the MAC lady told me. I have used many a MAC foundation before and besides Face and Body (for my clients) I have never loved any other formula. 

The Basics:
- comes in the usual NW or NC shades, so many colors to pick from
- easy dispensable bottle
- great for all climates

This one is different.

Not only does it photograph beautifully, it literally lasts for 12-15 hours easy. I know this because I was in Vegas a little while ago and we were awake early every morning and out until the wee hours of the night every day. Not only did I not blot (this foundation is PAR EXCELLENT for oily skin) it also tended to look the same at night as it had when I first put it on. 

Here is an example of how it photographed

I will say...its a thick, heavy foundation. If you are going for minimal coverage, this is not the foundation for you. That being said, if you can sheer it out with moisturizer or only use it in areas that you need it, it works wonders. 

This is a foundation that you do not have to powder over which is a joy! The finish is matte, yet the foundation never ends up looking cakey if applied correctly. If you are going to powder it, set it with some fix plus for added dewiness, or with a mineralize powder to give it some shine. It stands up to all weather conditions surprisingly well, even extremely humid climates. This is one of the only foundations I own that I see literally no oil break through for an entire 8-10 hours.

Final Grade: A-

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

OOTD: Bright and Bold

Spring is finally here, yay! I get to pull out my girliest clothes again. Sometimes you don't realize how easy it is to look put together with just a few extra steps. There are ways to stay comfortable while looking cute too. Below is the look I put together that fits the bill.

Primary colors always compliment each other

This skirt is high waisted (love) but had no belt loops- so I simply draped my thin belt around the waist of the skirt anyway. If the things you wear fit well, then creating loopholes is possible.

 I chose to wear flipflops to UBER simplify this look and also for comfort purposes. But if you're going somewhere more dressy, feel free to throw on a pair of wedges instead.

A chunky necklace like the one I'm wearing livened up the simple tank top I'm wearing

Everything I'm wearing is made of cotton- perfect way to stay cool in the spring and summer time!

Top: F21 $5
Skirt: F21 $20
Belt: TopShop $30
Necklace: America's Mart $18
Flip Flops: A&F $30

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Product of the Week: NARS Madly Blush

I pulled out an older blush of mine from Nars called Madly this week. Being a makeup junkie means constantly buying makeup and in turn forgetting about old faves. BUT I relearned why I loved this blush so much in the first place and that is what I'm here to tell you girls about!

This is what the blush looks like- its a soft brownish peach in my eyes, but Nars describes it as a "sea shell pink." 

Nars blushes are soft to the touch, pigmented, and stay on very well, and this blush is no exception. I use it towards the back of my hairline right below my cheekbones and it gives a gorgeous warm flush to my tan skin. On lighter skin tones it tends to look more coral than brown, and that too is gorgeous. With this blush you need not contour, and that is the look I'm loving these days. Though the picture seems to show off the sparkles in this blush, when on the blush is not very sparkly at all. On darker skin tones, it brings out the yellow in a person's skin, making them glow. For those of you who own "Lovejoy" blush also by Nars, the best way to describe "Madly" is that it is a toned down and less coral version of the first. This is an extremely versatile blush and I am absolutely loving it this week!

Sold At: Sephora, Nars Boutiques, select Nordstrom's. $42

Monday, March 5, 2012

OOTN: Recycling

I called this post "recycling" because of the fact that I am re using the black blazer and top from other outfits and pairing them together in this dinner outfit. What do you guys think of the look?

Black skinny jeans/jeggings are a must have!

Nude stilettos are also another must have!

I paired a skinny red belt with this look to break up the monotony of the neutrals

Statement necklaces in bright colors are the perfect accessory to use and re use!

Though I wore this look to dinner, its great for a job interview, regular day at the office, or anything that is a bit more formal

Use a regular skinny belt and tie it different ways to instantly change up your look!

Don't forget a matching clutch (or purse), like this off white one I used. You can even do a red one to go with the other accessories, or a black one to stay in the neutral family.

Top: Zara $25
Blazer: Guess $78
Jeans: TopShop $65
Stilettos: Steve Madden $55
Necklace: America's Mart $21
Belt: Macy's $12

Thursday, March 1, 2012

OOTD: Springing Forward

For a day of casual shopping, I always opt for flats- and trust me, it was hard to make them look good in pics because everyone looks so much better in heels! BUT, lo and behold I did it for you guys. A casual day of shopping indeed, but I threw on a cute and lightweight blazer to make the look come together.

The weather was beautiful in the daytime (which is why I picked the bright green top) but I know that I always get cold inside malls so I paired the blazer with the top.

These are my new Vince Camuto babies. The best in comfort and versatility!

A summer scarf always looks cute, and finishes a look

If you want to go more Urban, you can pair the top and blazer with light, ripped jeans instead.

Always accessorize!

Top: F21 $21.99
Blazer: Armani Exchange $79.00
Jeans: A&F $78
Shoes: Vince Camuto $68.00
Scarf: H&M $12.00
Bracelet: India