Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pigment Giveaway! Face Couture Cosmetics

Hey ladies,
I'm here to give away some AMAZING pigments! I have been trying these out for a few weeks, and am highly impressed. They virtually have no fall out, and are extremely pigmented. They last great over the UDPP (which is personally my base of choice) but I'm sure they would last over Too Faced Shadow Insurance and MAC Paintpots as well. 

Shantle was sweet enough to send me 6 shades. I picked out 3 and she sent me 3 more of her choice. Below are some pictures of me wearing the pigments, and a few swatches.

Left to right- Sneaky, June Bug, Cinnamon Swirl, Fall, Dare, Pretty

Left to Right:
Pretty, Dare, Fall, Cinnamon Swirl, June Bug, and Sneaky

1) There will only be ONE winner. 
2) The winner will get their 4 3gram jars of the pigments they choose.
3) Winner will be required to go to and leave a comment with the 4 names of the pigments you want. 

1) Post a comment below explaining why you should win. I will choose based on the most legitimate, and honest answers, so please don't just write anything that comes to mind!
2) Only ONE comment per person please
3) You must be subscribed to this blog as well as my youtube page (
4) The givaway ends on January 30th, ONE week from today at 5pm Eastern.
5) I will contact you after you win to get your mailing address so that Shantle can send you the products.

Good Luck to all of you!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Some of My Favorite Websites on the Internet

I love finding out about good bloggers, youtube guru's, and fun websites from my friends and other random people on the internet. I thought I would embrace this opportunity to share the same with you! Below is a list of my favorite guilty pleasure websites, some twitter accounts of people I follow, awesome bloggers, beauty guru's, and some of my ultimate online shopping websites! Hope you enjoy!

Youtube Guru's: I didn't think I needed to add the "" so please don't mind that! All of the following beauty guru's have inspired me in some way- maybe through their honesty, natural beauty, creativity in makeup, or just overall being knowledgeable about beauty products. Please don't feel like you have to subscribe- I just think these women are worth looking into!
1) Itsjudytime- Judy is the first beauty guru I came across when I got into beauty videos. She definitely inspired me to start my channel!
2) MakeupbyTiffanyD- I love Tiffany's refreshing honesty and natural quirkiness! She is talented at what she does, and doesn't do too many sponsored product reviews.
3) Kandeejohnson- A fabulous celebrity makeup artist, a lovely person, and highly inspirational woman. Great makeup tricks straight from a pro!
4) Dianeuk01- Diane is someone I have subscribed to relatively recently, but there is something so refreshing about her honesty that I keep coming back for more of her videos! Moreover, she is close to my skintone, so It's easy for me to understand color combinations for myself through her. Great for Indian skin color!
5) Pixiwoo- Another fabulous duo from London constantly update their youtube and blog pages with amazing makeup tutorials that are different from the norm. They are not afraid to play with color, and being professionals, they definitely know what they are doing. 

Guilty Pleasure Websites- Don't laugh when you see some of the following website names! Everyone has their guilty pleasures =)
1) I'm a sucker for celebrity gossip! BUT I also love looking at their outfits and makeup!
2) I LOVE Kim's fabulous makeup. Yes, sometimes she overdoes it, but I mostly follow her on twitter to see some quick twitpicks of her on set
3) I love watching the tutorials on this website. It is always a great thing to learn from amazing makeup artists all over the world!
4) My favorite makeup artist shares his experiences on set, and a few beauty tricks of the trade.
5) Yes, I am on facebook, and love it. I think its a great way to communicate easily and casually with  friends that you might not talk to all the time.
6) I use this website to get some models for my photo shoots. Its not very easy to navigate through, I'll warn you! But if I'm looking for a particular look for a girl, its easy to find someone to match what I want.
7) A great website with quick makeup tips from a few celebrity makeup artists as well as normal people!
8) An AMAZING website for product reviews. Make sure to create an account though, for more in depth look at products you want to research.

Some Great Shopping Websites:
1) This website features amazing deals on cosmetic, clothing, vacation getaway companies. For example, they had an amazing $2 sale on all Urban Decay products earlier this month!
2) I love the fact that this travel website includes tax. It's helpful to know that the price you see is what you actually pay. I love their flexible travel dates option as well. Great to help people find a good deal for a vacation!
3) This is a shoe store that I really believe in. As I've been growing older, I have really started enjoying well made and comfortable shoes. I would rather spend more and get shoes that will last longer, than buy 100 pairs of cheaper shoes. Don't get me wrong- I LOVE shoes and own a giant shoe closet, but think of this as an investment! 

1) Love her use of color, and honest product reviews. Truthful, yet fun!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Holiday Contest Winners ANNOUNCED!

I am so excited to announce the winner (or possibly!) winner(s) today! I loved watching each and every entry, and truly loved the creativity all of you brought to the look. That is the reason I wanted to leave the contest more open ended so that all of you could interpret a "holiday look" the way you wanted. If I could, I would send all of you something special for taking the time out of your day to film a video for me. I really appreciate it! 

But Now..without further ado, let me just say...I couldn't resist but pick TWO winners for this contest. 

And they are...

1) xxjackiepants for her "Holiday Green and Gold Makeup Tutorial!"

Jackie, I loved the use of green and gold together along with some sparkle to bring an immediate oomph factor to the look! I really enjoyed how you brought out the color of your eyes and dared to use color in the look as opposed to neutrals as most holiday looks are. Moreover, your face looked flawless and nude lips topped off a beautiful look. And I definitely think you could pull of the red lip as well, if you wished =)

to check out this winning contest entry, please click on this: Jackie Contest Entry

2) dianeuk01 for her "New Years Eve Cut Crease Party Look!"

Diane, not only are you as sweet as a cookie, but you are talented at makeup, and especially creating flawless skin. Your skin looks soft and smooth, and your eyes, lovely! I loved the shade of blue you chose, and the fact that you decided to do a cut crease look to accentuate your eye shape. A cut crease is definitely no easy undertaking, and the fact that you braved it in front of a camera is lovely! Overall, the whole look really lit up your face. I really enjoyed watching the video!

to check out this winning contest entry, please click on this: Diane Contest Entry

Directions for the Winners:

1) Please be sure to email me at within the next 72 hours with your full name and address so that I can mail the prize. If I do not receive an email within the given time frame then another winner will be chosen.
2) Please give it about 3 weeks for your items to arrive. I still need to get a few things, and shipping might take a little while because there has been a snow storm here in GA and everything is backed up

Thank you guys so much for entering (ALL OF YOU!) and I really hope Jackie and Diane like their presents!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

South Asian Bridal Makeup Tutorial

Here are all the products I used to get this look. Enjoy!

2) Amber Lights e/s MAC
3) Espresso e/s MAC
4) Copper Sparkle Glitter MAC
5) Ricepaper e/s MAC
6) Soft Force e/s MAC
7) Urban Decay Zero Eyeliner
8) Covergirl Lash Blast mascara

1) Espresso e/s MAC

1) Face Protect Protection Visage SPF 50
2) Eve Pearl HD Dual Foundation TAN
3) MSF Medium Dark MAC
4) Blushbaby Blush MAC
5) Pearl Cream Color Base MAC
6) Blunt Blush to contour MAC

1) Lip Hydrant MAC
2) Cushy lip liner MAC
3) Midimauve lipstick MAC
4) Sophisto lipstick MAC
5) Dark Side lipstick MAC
6) Flaunting It lipgloss MAC

Monday, January 10, 2011

Life As a Makeup Artist (1)

Hey divas,
being a makeup artist is tons of fun, but don't think that there's no work involved. We play with color, get creative, and wear black clothes, BUT we work long hours, WEEKENDS, and usually holidays. Its a payoff for sure, but to me, its worth it. I love it so much that I never think of it as work. And its always amazing to make more money in one day than most people make in a few weeks. 

This is a shoot we did in my unfinished basement. My photographer and one of my models. Fact of the Day: Most photographers rent out empty warehouses for photo shoots!

Being a MUA means being of help sometimes. To make great pictures, you have to help in any way possible- even if it means holding up lights!

It means learning how to quickly tweak hair and wardrobes so that the pictures look good. It means thinking fast, and working hard!

 Its SO rewarding when your models look beautiful- just like Zohra here!

You have to straighten outfits when there are SNAKES around! Haha..this was not your conventional shoot. The snake is a LIVE, MOVING, LIVING, BREATHING PYTHON! I love the expression on Zohra's face! Shes laughing while holding a poisonous reptile...this shoot was all her idea too! I think I asked her a million times if she was sure she wanted to go ahead with this shoot!
This is one of my favorite edited pics from the snake shoot! What do you think?

Being a MUA means being PATIENT. You have to explain things to customers in non MUA language- break it down for everyone to understand. Be prepared to repeat yourself, and explain things over and over. But it feels great when someone does what you explained, and is so happy when she sees herself in the mirror!
It means LAUGHING when you're stressed and on a deadline. Laughter is the best medicine to relieve STRESS! In the above picture, our shoot was supposed to take no more than 6 hours. By this time, the models had been there for 9 hours, and we were nowhere close to finishing. Thankfully, we all laughed and talked, and enjoyed our long day together.
It also includes lots of hunching down- which causes back and neck pains, and lots of tylenol. Haha..but well worth it!

Long hours get rewarded with beautiful pictures like the above one! 

Overall, being a MUA has given me an outlet to channel my creativity, a way to get away from the norm, a place where NO isn't an answer, and best of all, a way to meet numerous talented people that I would not have met otherwise. It is a rewarding experience each and every day, and I look forward to it no matter what my hours may be. 

I hope reading this made you want to reach out and finally give something that you have always wanted to do a try. Its worth it!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I am always on the hunt for sexier, comfortable, and wearable boots. Its definitely the peak of winter here in Georgia, so I'm on the market for a new pair of leather boots! One of my favorite shoe stores is Cathy Jean because their leather quality is AHMAZZING and the shoes are BEYOND comfy. This store is on the pricier side, but totally worth it. Today I was just browsing and found out that they are having a big boot sale! Just so you guys know...this doesn't mean their boots are $20, but trust me, their prices right now are FAR better than the normal prices they offer. ALSO... free shipping on all orders over $35!

Below are some boots I like...what do you guys think?

1) Platform Boot Black 97: $95.00
I know the picture is the bone color, but the black color isn't on the website. That's what I would get though. 
2) Over the knee platform boot 9032: $100
   This style has a sexy slit in the back for added mobility while      walking. That's awesome because all the other knee highs I liked don't have this, and it makes walking so hard!

Hope this was of some help to all of you! 


I'm No Model, But Hey It's Always Fun to Pretend!

Hey girlies,
today I thought I would quickly share a little modeling I did. Here are the edited pics. I've shown some of them to you previously, but those were unedited. I'm not supermodel, but it's so fun to pretend! I also like minimalism a lot, so I haven't accessorized a lot. I wanted it to be about the facial expressions and poses, not about the clothes and jewelry additions to make a person look better. Of course makeup and hair was done by me! What do you think?

Dress- Forever 21 $31

Hair and Makeup By: Megha Agrawal
Photography By: Drew Dixon
Editing By: Esther Naoroji

Dress- Forever 21 $29

Hair and Makeup By: Megha Agrawal
Photography By: Drew Dixon
Editing By: Esther Naoroji
I always give you contact info and websites so that you guys can contact them if you want any work done. Feel free to do so!