Monday, February 27, 2012

OOTD: Makeup Artist Attire (How to Look the Part!)

Makeup artists are creative people- and I think that should be reflected in our attire. It's important to look professional (aka don't have tons of skin showing at someone's wedding!) yet chic. Below is the outfit I wore to do makeup for a magazine photo shoot last weekend.

Stick to all black. It's the signature makeup artist color worn so that we can stick out when needed, and blend in when necessary.

I chose to wear tights for functionality, but they're also super cute!

Show off your personal style with statement jewelry- just make sure its not too bright, we want to stick with blacks and silvers (maybe gold if its done tastefully).

I chose a large, long black and silver necklace paired with a thick black bracelet.

Wedges are a great option to look chic, while still being comfortable.

Side view- ultra sleek!

Close up of the jewelry and detailing!

Top: F21 $19.99
Tights: TopShop $25.00
Wedges: Guess $120
Necklace: F21 $12
Bracelet: America's Mart $18

Friday, February 24, 2012

OOTD: Feeling Feminine

It's no secret that I love neutrals. I live in them and feel the most beautiful in them. However, that doesn't have to mean boooo-rrrinnngg! There are ways to liven up neutral outfits- and here is my take on a few ways!

Add a little bit of sass to a neutral outfit by pairing it with a bright scarf

I love texturizing- and thats why I put on a blush colored lace top with the same colored under shirt. It's safe, yet feminine because of the lace.

If oversized tops aren't your thing, cinch the waist with your favorite belt. In this case I used a brown and beige belt to stick to my netural family, but you could also pair your scarf and belt together to create a pop of color.

Gold is back this season in a big way! I love the gold detailing on these pumps. That's what makes this pair of shoes unique. I paired a super neutral outfit with a feminine and unique pair of pumps.

Skinny jeggings= my life

Undershirt: F21 $3.40
Top: F21 $19.90
Jeggings: A&F $78
Shoes: Aldo $65
Scarf: Vietnam

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

OOTD: Pop of Unusual Color!

I knew colored jeans/jeggings would finally make their way to the United States for a longer period of time. I was in Italy on vacation last year and saw lots of people sporting them at that time (May 2010), and wondered when this trend would become a staple here in America. I remember a few years ago seeing some people wear them around the US but that fad quickly disappeared. I picked up a few pairs over the last couple of months, and finally pulled out my green pair to wear! I thought this color was the most unusual ones from the pairs I have- its not a pastel green, yet not too bright or dark. Here is what I put together.

I wasn't in the mood to colorblock this outfit, so instead I paired this unlikely green with a neutral gray.

However, I didn't want the outfit to only have green and neutrals, so I added a shaded and patterned blue summer scarf to add a touch of style

Brown boots added just the right touch for the in between weather we've been having here in GA!

Make sure to wear TIGHT colored jeans/jeggings- the affect is not the same with a loose pair

 To add more layers I added a gold and brown textured necklace

To go with the necklace, I added a detailed bracelet

Top: A&F $15.90
Jeggings: A&F $68
Boots: Nordstrom $140
Scarf: Fiore Boutique $10
Necklace: F21 $9
Bracelet: America's Mart $18
Ring: Gifted

Sunday, February 19, 2012

OOTD: Texturing Black

Today my sister and I went to Americas Mart- a buyers haven for all types of merchandise. I knew it would be a long day, so I wanted to be comfortable, but still a bit stylish. Black was the obvious choice.

A loose fitting, casual striped top with a pair of tight jeggings= comfort heaven

 Pairing a lightweight brown scarf breaks up the monotony of the black

Close up shot of the different layers and textures

I paired a tight, longer LACE blazer to add texture to the different blacks used in this outfit

Throwing on a blazer over a casual top makes your outfit go from casual to chic in seconds!

You can never go wrong with thigh highs!

Top: F21 $19.99
Blazer: Guess $90
Jeggings: A&F $78
Boots: Nordstrom $100
Scarf: Gifted
Bracelet: F21 $8
Ring: Gifted 
Necklace $9

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Beautiful Filipino Bride!

Today I had a bridal consultation with a beautiful Filipino bride. I was so excited because I've never done a Filipino wedding before! Her dress is white, while her bridesmaids dresses are blue, so she wanted to incorporate the blue into her makeup as well. Having hooded eyes, I did not want to do a dark look on her, so I instead put in the blue a bit into the crease and blended out, still keeping the look silver (and therefore, bright). 

We airbrushed her face with 2 layers only because her freckles are cute and add character- we didnt want to cover them up completely.
 I knew she would love the gold highlight I gave her on her cheekbones! I also colored in her brows lightly.

She wanted her eyes to look bigger, so I skipped black eyeliner on her waterline and instead lined it with a flesh toned eyeliner instead. Her other concern was the puffy and darkness under her eyes. I managed to cover up the darkness with concealer but puffiness is something we cant cover with makeup. 

I think she looks gorgeous! We decided to go with a pretty mid toned pink for her mouth, and put on some lashes to make her eyes look more open. 

What do you think about the finished look?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

OOTD: Unsure of the Season?!

Living in the South I have quickly realized no "season" lasts a full couple of months. Our "seasons" seem to change every 3 days! Haha with this, I have had to learn how to create outfits that can adapt from spring to a bit chilly in just one step. Here is my version of one such outfit.

A summer scarf in white always pops- and will warm you up if a little breeze develops. Dark skinny jeans will help you look small, and make any outfit a bit more formal than destroyed jeans.

Caged booties are the perfect in-between shoe. They can be for any season since they are covered, yet they have small slashes to reveal your foot from the sides. Plus, you can never go wrong with a neutral color.

A chunky bracelet adds character. I also threw on a blazer to keep me a bit warmer, and cuffed the sleeves to keep the outfit simple, not formal.

 Side view! The shape of the shoes and jeans give a sleek, put together look, while the cuffed blazer and scarf makes the look effortless.

 I can still move around and do every day tasks while looking cute!

Back view. I love the cropped blazer against the peach of the shirt.

Top: F21 $19.99
Scarf: H&M $12
Blazer: A&F $140
Jeggings: A&F $78
Bracelet: F21 $11
Shoes: Aldo $65

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Neutrals are always in. Its a non fail, always fashionable way to look! Today I was in a neutral, simple kind of mood, so this is what I put together.

Top: Zara $25.99 on sale
Cropped Blazer: F21 $30
Jeans: A&F $78
Shoes: Cathy Jean $65
Necklace: F21 $8.50
Ring: Gifted