Wednesday, February 22, 2012

OOTD: Pop of Unusual Color!

I knew colored jeans/jeggings would finally make their way to the United States for a longer period of time. I was in Italy on vacation last year and saw lots of people sporting them at that time (May 2010), and wondered when this trend would become a staple here in America. I remember a few years ago seeing some people wear them around the US but that fad quickly disappeared. I picked up a few pairs over the last couple of months, and finally pulled out my green pair to wear! I thought this color was the most unusual ones from the pairs I have- its not a pastel green, yet not too bright or dark. Here is what I put together.

I wasn't in the mood to colorblock this outfit, so instead I paired this unlikely green with a neutral gray.

However, I didn't want the outfit to only have green and neutrals, so I added a shaded and patterned blue summer scarf to add a touch of style

Brown boots added just the right touch for the in between weather we've been having here in GA!

Make sure to wear TIGHT colored jeans/jeggings- the affect is not the same with a loose pair

 To add more layers I added a gold and brown textured necklace

To go with the necklace, I added a detailed bracelet

Top: A&F $15.90
Jeggings: A&F $68
Boots: Nordstrom $140
Scarf: Fiore Boutique $10
Necklace: F21 $9
Bracelet: America's Mart $18
Ring: Gifted


  1. You are so pretty! you have an amazing figure and body. I love this outfit too, I've been thinking about getting colored jeans/pants since I see them coming out everywhere. I think I'll start with light pink or maybe burgundy.

    1. aww thank you so much doll! You should definitely give colored jeans/jeggings a try.

  2. You are beautiful, love your hair! I think I am gonna try out some colored jeans...tks for the inspiration.

    1. youre welcome! post pics if you do end up getting some!