Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Beautiful Filipino Bride!

Today I had a bridal consultation with a beautiful Filipino bride. I was so excited because I've never done a Filipino wedding before! Her dress is white, while her bridesmaids dresses are blue, so she wanted to incorporate the blue into her makeup as well. Having hooded eyes, I did not want to do a dark look on her, so I instead put in the blue a bit into the crease and blended out, still keeping the look silver (and therefore, bright). 

We airbrushed her face with 2 layers only because her freckles are cute and add character- we didnt want to cover them up completely.
 I knew she would love the gold highlight I gave her on her cheekbones! I also colored in her brows lightly.

She wanted her eyes to look bigger, so I skipped black eyeliner on her waterline and instead lined it with a flesh toned eyeliner instead. Her other concern was the puffy and darkness under her eyes. I managed to cover up the darkness with concealer but puffiness is something we cant cover with makeup. 

I think she looks gorgeous! We decided to go with a pretty mid toned pink for her mouth, and put on some lashes to make her eyes look more open. 

What do you think about the finished look?


  1. Her face looks like a different color than her neck.. is it the lighting or did you use a darker foundation... is that what the customer wanted? Just wondering because it looks weird with her face being darker

  2. the wedding is a fall wedding, and the customer wanted to look a shade darker- we will also be airbrushing her body to match =)

  3. Oooh okay, thanks for replying! I'm not too familiar with airbrushing, but I'm assuming airbrushed makeup does not rub off :) Also... are there different types of airbrush makeup for different types of skin? I have oily skin like you and was wondering if there was something different about airbrush foundation? Or do you still have to use a primer and powder to control the oil? Thanks!

  4. Love it! I think it will complement the blue bridesmaids dresses perfectly. The cheek highlight also looks very nice. Which one is it?

    1. it is a mac mineralize skinfinish that was absolute favorite!

  5. I am also a filipino. nice viewing this blog... happy weekend