Friday, October 7, 2011

MAC's Matchmaster Foundation Review

Hello Hello my lovelies!
I went to Vegas in September and snatched up MAC's latest foundation: The Matchmaster. I wasnt looking for it to impress or really be something that I'd like, I just needed a foundation for nighttime that would replace the one I forgot to bring from home.

First Impressions:
1) Good color range- though there are only 14 shades, I felt like the range of colors encompassed every skin tone.
2) No overbearing undertone! HUGE plus!
3) Much bigger bottle than any of the other MAC foundations

After Swatching:
1) Thick, creamy texture, did not feel like a liquid foundation
2) Blended seamlessly, giving a no makeup look
3) Good pump that was able to dispense just how much I wanted, never producing too much product
4) I settled on color 6.0

                          Before Swatching

                      Blended into my hand

                        Flash photography
This foundation has really impressed me. Not only is it more bang for your buck with the larger bottle, but the formula has won me over. Like most MUA's, MAC foundations are not the ones we usually turn to for photography, and for the normal consumer, most MAC foundations tend to look cakey, and like too much makeup on the face. This product however, really lets real skin breathe through, and doesn't go on like a mask. That being said, the formula is very thick- I almost want to call it a cream foundation because it does not go on as liquidy as a liquid foundation does. Still, it does not feel heavy on the skin and does not look like most cream foundations do.

 Another pro- MAC has infused this formula with a natural oil absorbing agent, which helps my oily skin tons! I honestly dont remember the last time I had to blot my face. It sets with a matte finish, (some people say semi matte but to me it looks matte) and for people with combination skin, I wouldnt even suggest to powder it. Yes, thats because that natural oil absorber really works its butt off! Great, great formula for oily skin. However, I did notice that it doesn't photograph as well as foundations without an SPF. BUT, its normal for SPF carrying foundations to look a bit gray in pictures. 

 My favorite perk- the fact that the undertone is so barely there that it matches to both yellow and pink toned people! I have naturally light pink tones, but usually use neutral or yellow toned foundations to help neutralize my skin, and with this foundation I have not had to do that. MAC has also released a color wheel to help match people since this foundation range does not have the typical NW or NC naming, rather it goes from 1-10. This might confuse people, but I find this foundation formula to be forgiving in that it is okay to get a shade up or down from your normal, because it will settle into your skin and adapt to your coloring. 

I will say, I am highly impressed with the fact that the foundation doesnt look heavy on the skin at all. In fact, it is one of my ONLY foundations that does not look like I have anything on! DISCLAIMER- I have been using the Clarisonic for about 1.5 months, and have noticed that products soak into my skin much easier. Maybe that is the reason for this foundation to go on like nothing and feel like skin. Another perk- For all my ladies who have struggled with hyperpigmentation resulting in grayish skin after putting on foundation, I have noticed that this foundation doesnt do that! Gray skin, goodbye! 

This foundation has become my go to for every day, as long as I am not being photographed. I dont think it looks BAD in pictures, but its not my favorite for that purpose.

Below is a picture for Matchmaster matching purposes. Enjoy!

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  1. So you use 6.0? I'm your color and wanted to know the shade you use