Sunday, October 23, 2011

Winged Eyeliner Look

Hey dolls,
here is the picture I promised you. This is the picture I got inspiration from.

Products Used:
1) Mac Studio Finish NC42 concealer on eyes
2) Soba e/s MAC 
3) Soft Brown e/s MAC
4) Inglot eyeshadow to highlight
5) MAC penultimate eyeliner in black
6) Inglot matte black gel eyeliner
7) NW35 pro longwear concealer MAC
8) MUFE camoflage cream in pink
9) Graftobian foundation in desert sand
10) mally beauty believable bronzer in tanning
11) Feeling flush mineralize blush mac
12) AMC Inglot highlighter in 52
13) Mac haute and naughty lash
14) mufe smokey lash mascara


  1. Thank you for getting me to join blogspot! I follow you on YouTube so here's my entry. Funny. I've been having trouble doing thar winged out eyeliner look. Thank you for all your tips and tricks. Now time to set up my twitter account:)

  2. hi megha ,
    im a blog follower as well as a you tube and twitter follower my username is lambylambcurly,however im not sure if im following the blog as lambylambcurly. here is my entree still :)

  3. 1. I love that we have the same skin color and skin type. I can relate to you so much, so its nice watching someone on Youtube who actually I can relate to for a chance.

    2. I learned how to do the airbrush technique!! Thats soooo cool, im always so excited to use it now.

    3. I want to see more skin care videos :) I have acne prone/oily skin so I definitely would love any advice or tips you have. xo thank you! :)

  4. Hey Megha, I just commented on your contest/giveaway video but you mentioned we could leave a comment on all your sites too, so I'm just increasing my chances to win ;) lol

    I am interested in Prize Pack 2. 1: I love your page mostly because I am West Indian so I think we have the same problems when it comes to our skin. I was interested in your other videos because I wanted to see what kind of tricks you use on a darker skin type which is what I am too. 2: The most useful trick I learned from you was using a blending brush to put on my concealer. I never did this and I think it really brightens up my whole face. 3: I would like to see more hair videos from you! (this is where i ran outta space on youtube) I think you have very shiny and healthy looking hair so I'd love to see how else you style it. thanks, and all my info is located on my youtube channel ( dont mind the username lol :x

  5. Hey Megha, I'm hasinivw on twitter and your blog. (I can't change my YT name)
    1. I love your channel because we have similar skin tones and I subscribed because your reviews seem really genuine.
    2. I have learnt 2 major things. Firstly, hyper-pigmentation THANK-YOU!! and secondly the important of good eyebrows! I have started filling them in because of you :) 3. I would love more reviews on foundation, what you like and the best ways to apply.
    I would love prize pack 2. thanks! x

  6. Hi Megha, I'm darshni16 on youtube and twitter.
    I love your channel! I came across it when I was looking for some tips on hyperpigmentation and make up tips for Indian skin. You always look effortlessly beautiful - your hair, make up and skin look perfect every time. Like you said in one of your videos on becoming a MUA - you've got to look the part and you're proof that it works by having 6000+ subscribers.
    With all the searching that I did on hyperpigmentation - your tip with the pink MUFE cream has worked the best. Based on that I thought I'd try the orange one for my ridiculously bad under eye dark circles and that actually works as well! I live in the UK and had to get the products through my cousin in Austalia - totally worth it! Also the brightening of the under eye area using rice paper eyeshadow works likes a charm. Along with that, I've watched every video and have picked up tonnes of tips from using the coastal scents camouflage palette, mac's lip erase, different eyeshadow looks, to the winged eyeliner trick.

    Keep the videos coming coz you're amazing. I would particularly like to see tutorals on Indian bridal make up - from the actual wedding make up to occasions such as the mehndi party. My friend has asked me to do her make up for her wedding and any tips/advice would be hugely appreciated. Thank you x

    I would love to win prize pack 2. xx

  7. Prize pack #2, I found you through my YT search for women of colour, cause I was looking for gurus with similar complexions to mine. I enjoy watching our videos because your make up is simply, natural and effective and I have learnt how to create such a look not only on myself but also my friends, thanks. My favourite trick was using the tissue paper to blot access foundation before setting it. I would love to see you go outside of your comfort zone by doing some advant garde looks. YT tube and twitter name trinbagolino

  8. I love your channel because I'm about the same skintone as you, so I feel like I can relate to everything you say.
    I learned from you that NARS looks great in photographs, I use Syracuse too!
    I would like to just keep seeing different makeup looks from you, so that I can be inspired to try out differnt looks.
    Would you try to recreate this Rachel Roy look?
    I would even love to see complete drugstore looks from you.

    I would love prize pack 2, but honestly both of the packs are fabulous!

  9. I would like to choose Prize Pack # 2.

    I am following your blog as "Deepika Y"

    and your youtube and twitter as "allaboutbeaudee"

    1) What I love about your channel are a pro makeup artist and you don't just quickly do the video and post but you actually give A-Z detailed information on that particular topic.

    2) The one thing I learned from you and that I religiously follow is "getting rid of hyper pigmentation" .I am an Indian and I do have hyper pigmentation problem.Actually that is how I came across your channel, when I was searching for makeup for hyper pigmentation problem.

    3) I want to see more of skin care videos and also natural makeup videos from your channel

    Deepika <3

  10. 1. I like that you don't take much time to upload, you accept requested videos and that your videos are more than just about how to apply makeup.

    2.You've taught me that there are creative alternatives for things like the lotion makeup removal. Watching Michelle and Promise doing tutorials I have been really into cosmotology and didnt really know much about it,but you helped me figure out where to begin with the makeup kit and how to use the brushes.

    3. I'd like to see things on how to care for skin after removing the makeup.

    Sorry for the multiple comments on twitter.. It only allowed a specific number characters soooo..yep.

  11. Hey Megha, I'm hvw27 on YT and hasinivw on twitter and here.

    (sorry for the multiple posts, but I'm desperately trying to win )

    1. I love your channel because we have similar skin tones and the tutorials you do really suit me and I subscribed because your reviews seem really genuine.

    2. I have learnt 2 major things. Firstly, hyper-pigmentation THANK-YOU!! and secondly the importance of good eyebrows! I have started filling them in because of you :)

    3. I would love more reviews on foundation, what you like and the best ways to apply.

    I would love prize pack 2. (Though would be thrilled with either)
    thanks! x

  12. hey megha, I'm Divalicious8ty8 on youtube and twitter.

    I'd like prize pack #1 please :)

    1)What I love about your channel- This question is kinda difficult cos i love your channel for SO many reasons. I'll try to condense it though!

    a)your videos are so super easy to follow and you explain each and everything so clearly, its easy even for a baby to understand about makeup after watching your vids.
    b)your english is perfect for me. Initially when I was trying to find a good desi beauty guru on youtube, I came across so many but sadly they would have really bad grammar and/or a really bad accent and that kinda thing just puts me off. like really, really puts me off. so plus points to you for being the Global Desi :)

    c)you are totally down-to-earth and friendly and open, and this is one of the main things that makes it a joy to watch your vids.

    2) my most fav tip/ trick:

    a)eyebrows. i had absolutely no idea that brows were so important till i heard you talking about them! and my favourite feature of my face is my eyes and it really showed me how to play them up by having defined eyebrows!!

    b)love the way you give versatile uses to a single thing. for example, with the NAKED palette. you did so many gorgeous looks it was amazing. most other gurus did like ONE or 2 looks with it and that was it, but you really showed how that single product could be used for so many lovely looks.

    c)also your detailed explanation on certain things, like brushes (for ex. the MAC 130 for foundation - you really sold me on that one, i just HAD to go get it after watching your vid)

    3) on what I want to see in the future:

    a)more looks with more affordable beauty products like nyx, milani and other drugstore brands
    b)updated foundation routine using the mac matchmaster and sigmax brushes

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  14. btw megha im followin you on your blog as diva-licious!