Thursday, December 9, 2010

How to Work With Event Planners: Makeup Artist Know How!

As a makeup artist you will quickly see that whether you want to or not, you will have to work with event planners. A bride will come to you for a consultation/trial, and from there on, you will hear from her event planner. Also, if you are having a hard time getting business (especially if you are new!) call a few event planning companies around town to see if they need makeup artists. Most event planners will be overjoyed that you called and will ask you to provide them with a few pictures of your work, as well your website url. Working with event planners tends to be lucrative, as they have a network of brides that you might not be able to get yourself. HOWEVER...below are a few things that you should make sure to do!

1) Upon first starting to work with a new planner, make sure you go over all of your prices. For example...
- bridal makeup (airbrush and regular if you have different pricing for the two)
- bridesmaid/bridal party member
- stage makeup
- all other types of makeup (regular party makeup etc)
- travel rates
- day rates

2) Ask for a contract for EACH wedding (or any other) event you are going to do for her. All professional event planners will send you one as SOON as she books you, but in the case that she does not, make sure to ask her.

3) Make sure to send out an invoice (to the planner) for each wedding that you do for her. This is your way of making sure that you know the total since you made it. Ask her if there are any problems. At this point, if she has said nothing, you should be getting a check for the total amount YOU have written in the invoice. Make sure to include travel costs in the invoice as well.

4) As her if she mails a check out, or will give it to you at the event. In the event that she says she will mail it to you, ask her if she abides by the 14 day rule. Most businesses mail out a check within 14 days of the event taking place.

5) Ask if she needs gas receipts or any other travel receipts. Therefore you can make sure you save them so that you're not searching for them later.

6) Ask if she will need the travel receipts in order to reimburse you. Make sure to follow up on this, as many event planners get off easy in this department. You will forget as time goes on, and no check for your travel costs will come. I have had this happen to me, so be very careful to follow up!

7) Ask the event planner if cost of food is taken care of. This usually is the case, and while working on the bridal party, you can order food to the hotel room. If you are working at a home, the event planner is supposed to arrange food and drink for you after you are done with your task.

I know that I have written a lot about ''ask.." but that is because you should know BEFORE getting into a business transaction with the event planner what you are in for. She will know you are a professional as well, and will not take it the wrong way.

What should you look out for in terms of the DAY OF? Here are just a few things...

1) As a makeup artist, make sure you wear ALL BLACK or whatever attire the event planner requires of you (so make sure to ask!).

2) Be on TIME. Though most bridal parties are never on time, it is a lot worse when you do not show up on time and they are ready!

3) Make sure you have eaten, have a few bottles of water on you, and are ready to go! You don't want to get the growlies while working!

4) Take a few breath mints before starting work. You are working so close to someone's face that bad breath is not an option!

5) Have lots of energy, and smile! A wedding is a huge day for a bride, and a lot of the time, hair and makeup artists serve as therapists. You will hear all about her life, how she met her dream man, how much she hates her mother in law, so on and so forth! Stay professional, and do not start bitching with her. Listen to her, console her, share in her happy day, but never cross the line.


  1. Price is an important factor to consider. The breath mints tip is a good one!

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